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William Joeseph Blackshire
United States
This is me as of April 2011!

Current Residence: Nacogdoches, Tx
deviantWEAR sizing preference: 2-3XL
Print preference: Old English
Favourite genre of music: Heavy Metal, Rock
Favourite style of art: Fantacy/Horror, erotic
Favourite cartoon character: Warden, Rusty, Murderface, Kenny, Brock, Alphonse, Bender, Grenader, Max
Personal Quote: Nullum Magnum Ingenium Sine Mixtura Dementiae
  • Listening to: Rednex
  • Reading: Star Wars stuff mostly
  • Watching: Steven Universe and a lot of YouTube videos!
  • Playing: I never play
  • Eating: nothing... starving!
  • Drinking: Nothing... :P

TYPE: Droid. 

GENDER: Female/Effeminate personality and outward characteristics and features.

DESCRIPTION: A personal droid (for the below described character) that was cobbled together from parts different makes and models of droid that can be found on/in nearly any junk planet!
The head, torso, and one arm will be of a Protocol Droid like C-3PO0-0-0, and C-3PX.
From the waist down is an almost complete Astromech Droid like the R-Serieslike BT-1Skippy, and R2-D2. It might be a whole unit but the "head" is grafted to the Protocol Droid torso in a way that it can lean forward to stay balanced/level when it moves as Astromechs lead back when they need to move fast.
The other arm that replaces the missing Protocol Droid's is a B2 Super Battle Droid's or higher models in this line as seen during the Clone Wars.
Mounted on the lower back (like a tail) of this droid hidden from view is a secret 3rd arm which is an old B1 Battle Droid's that is always holding onto a small Blaster or Lightsaber-like weapon for sneak attacks.
Over its body this droid wears a mixture of soft-goods and battle armor to both conceal its droid-nature and identity along with added protection in combat. It wears an old busted Mandalorian helmet with the visor missing or an old Blue Senate Guard helmet and General Grievous-like hearing sensors mounted to the sides, noticeably female Mandalorian breast plate and shoulder armor, mounted on the one Protocol Droid arm is a Gauntletlike the ones worn by Jango and Boba Fett with a torn and tattered under shirt covering most of the rest the arm, to help hide the Astromech lower body it wears a long tunic and tabards under the armor plates with a sash/belt at the waist line, on its back is a missile like the one used by Jango on Obi Wanbut not a full jetpack as the Astromech lower half gives it a flight systemalready, and finally over all this armor and clothing it wears a hooded cape/cloak. The coloring of the Droid itself and its armor elements are the same with a Greenish/Gray camo pattern like an ARF Trooper from the Clone Wars with the pattern on the helmet and face looking more like Sith tattoos. As for the cloth-goods a mixture of black leathers and grayish/green fabrics.
Weaponry-wise it'll carry with on its back or in its hands some sort of blaster rifle, a blaster pistol on its hip, several different types of grenades on its belt or on a bandoleer across its chest and shoulder, and built into the Droid itself is aDroideka Field Projector.

Basically this is my female version of my normal sona/OC (PackRat) that is called PR-R63 and might keep and carry over that name to this Star Wars universe version actually... as it sounds very Droid like! Being a series of letters and numbers and all! XD
The idea came to me to create this Droid character after I started reading up on the new rebooted Star Wars Expanded Universe material! Especially the newDarth Vader comics! Which introduce concepts that sorta allow now for characters like I'd dream up to put in the Star Wars universe but if I did it it would be considered Mary Sue-stuff or bad fan-fic territory in the old EU! Like the introduction of characters like Doctor Cylo-IV with his genetic crossbreeding research can allow a genetic melting pot like PR to exist in Star Wars now! XD But, we're discussing PR-R63 here now so I'll get onto hat spurred on her SW's counter part and that was Triple-Zero and BeeTee-One! These 2 new droid are the best thing ever to happen! They're basically the evil ArTwo and See-Threpio! An Astroomech droid decked out with weapons instead of toolsand a Protocol Droid that is "fluent in over six million forms of TORTURE"! I love this concept so much I wanted to create my own! Now we get a droid described up above that is basically an all-in-one-unit! It has all the tools and equipment of R2-D2, the intelligence of C-3PO, the built in firepower of a Super Battle Droid from the prequels, with the pop-up shielding of those rolling spider-legged Droids, the body armor of the bad-ass (well in the old EU) Fetts, and the robes of a Sith! Also, I kind of liked the look of Grievous's Guard Droids with the fabric hoods on them so that's why this thing has all this clothing on it! Finally, besides making it a SW version of my character PR-R63 I decided to make this Droid be female but still be a sorta hulking war-machine because i like the weird contradicting nature of the personality to what it does and what it was made for! Like Jane the Securitron AI from Fallout: New Vegas! A giant war-bot but with the persona of a Playboy Bunny! Well, in the case of PeeAr-ArSixThree here it'll be more the persona of someone like... Vasquez from Aliens, or Fox from Wanted, or the best and easiest example for her personality in pop-culture would be simply Catwoman aka Selina Kyle from anything Batman! More or less PR made her to be a helper and for personal entertainment to give him a bigger ego!

Species: Squib or Mhingxin or Jenet or some sort of hybrid of 1 or 2 of these species!
Maybe if I don't go the rodent species route but the plant than maybe a Zelosianor Affytechan or M'shinn(i) (maybe just using their moss) or a rouge Oasis Child(ren) or Sylphe (this one sounds like a highly likely one) maybe hybrid with one of the rodent ones.
With some new reveals of the new EU might be a super hybrid of many different species like Yoda's!

Physical Characteristics

Height: 2.2 meters
Skin color: Green
Distinctions: Plants, Long lived, Vegetal species, Reptilian, Reptomammal, High psychic abilities 
Hair color: Reddish/orange
Eye color: Yellow/Red
Biological classification Designation: Sentient
Classification: Plant/Reptile/Mammal Hybrid
Habitat: Jungle/Swamp

Description: A genetic combination of several different alien species like the work of Cylo. The head is where all the more obvious crossbreed species features are going to be seen with ears like Yoda's, the horns of a Zabrakhaloing the top of the skull, 3 lekku more like those of a Togruta than aTwi'lek's with poisonous stingers at the ends, fairly long reddish/orange human-like hair3 different types eyes like a Gran that all are corrupted Sith yellow/red, green fuzzy skin like that of Lepi, and the lower face is covered and hidden by a specially designed Kel Dor breathing mask(described down below).
The torso is Near-Human with a thin layer of Wookiee hair on the sides and back. His chest and back are covered in Sith Tattoos. A good portion of the abdomen is hidden by the breather mask's life support unit.
The right arm is mostly that of a green Trandoshan with scales of a Firewormand a 4 digit hand like those of the Kel Dor.
The entire left arm is a cybernetic prosthetic just like those of General Grievous and Karbin.
The pelvis is covered by clothing and armor plating but he's got digitigradelegs like a Lasat with the species feet too or like how Grievous's are depicted before his augmentations. With hand-like feet that allows him to fight in unique ways.
On the sides of the ankles are a pair of red Toydarian wings. He's got a Ryn-like tail that he wraps around his waist to hide it and can use it like a 3rd(4th technically) arm.

Apparel: Beside the breather mask and life support unit this creature also wears a T'doshok skin hooded cape, a single Cortosis Gauntlet on his right arm, a Wookiee pelt long tunic and tabardswith a silk sash/belt at the waist line, a codpiece like Vader's, pants like Vader's as well, and shinguard(s)too, and also opened toed Rocket Boots.

Weaponry: He carries 3 Lightsaber-like weapons. The 1st being his primary weapon a custom made Lightlance with a 4 bladed(red and blue) end thatangled all 4 blades together forming a large single blade(purple) when closed but could be opened up into a spinning impeller/propeller-like attack sort of like the Inquisitors' sabers
The other lightsabers(green) are a fairly common looking ones that he uses only in 3 ways. The least common ways are being duel/triple wielded with his primary one or if he damages or looses his lance. But their most common uses are in a special blaster. They works sort of like a muzzle brake in that it attaches to the rifle's barrel, but its rifle is more like a Caulking gun in design in that the blaster is just a handlestock, and a muzzle with a breech for thesabers to be placed inThe Lightsaber provides the power the blaster and it fire basically Lightsaber blades instead of charged blast.
The cybernetic left arm qualifies as a weapon for 2 reasons; 1st being there's a 4th hidden lightsaber(red) build into the elbow that can be used for quick sneak attacks, and 2nd the hand and forearm can split in 2 and form an extra arm that can wield the other weapons.

UPDATED IDEA: I came up with an idea for a masked character or well a gas-mask for a character.
Taking some from Immortan Joe of Fury Road fame with the skull face. The idea is another skull like mask but the lower jaw is hanging open and theoxygen tubes are coming out of the mouth and are twisted and wrapping around one another along with exposed wires and phone cords, and 2 air bladders that connect to a life support box like the one on Darth Vader's chest, but it's mounted over the wearer's stomach attached to like their belt or is coming out of their stomach area. The main idea of this design is to invoke the look of either a skull vomiting up its intestines or its a person eating their own guts.
A green skinned(fuzzed), old helmeted/maskedSith tattooed, alien,cyborgpossible Force user, and Lightsaber-user.
Picture a green, shirtless, Darth Maul, with an old custom painted Stormtrooper(or maybe Mandalorian) helmet or like Darth Vader's original designed one that was longer and more rodent-like, elbow length glove on the right hand, a cyborg left arm something similar to General Grievous's, aprehensile tail, black robe like clothing from the stomach/waist down, and a jet pack or rocket boots like Cad Bane , but opened toed to show clawed feet.

Basically, my regular OC of PackRat translated into the Star Wars universe! I'd actually like to create both a 100% accurate to what can exist in the SWU and just PR in cosplay with all his normal features intact, but with Sith tattoos, a Grievous cyborg arm, Sith robes, lightsabers, and some sort of helmet that covers his whole head and face.
The top ten things YOU didn't know about Darth Vader's suit!


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